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Nuvo h20

NuvoH20 is revolutionizing the way people all over the country are softening their water. For more than 30 years, commercial foodservice and hotel industries have used a process known as chelation to solve all of their water treatment needs. NuvoH20 worked hard to bring that technology into homes and businesses all across the country. Some of their current valued clients include Walgreens, The Pittsburgh Steelers, Disney, Panda Express, Hardees, and even the New York Yankees. The company won Best of Show in the Indoor Living Product category at the 2014 NAHB International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, Nevada out of more than 1,200 exhibitors.

nuvo h20 water softeners and treatment

Nuvo h20 Water Softeners and Treatment

NuvoH20 specializes in water softener technology that uses a process called chelation to remove and prevent the formation of calcium scale, which is often present in hard water. Prior to the creation of these small, compact systems, home and business owners relied upon large tanks of salt that had to be regularly filled and constantly maintained. However, the new technology, which uses an FDA-approved form of food-safe citric acid, requires little maintenance. Homeowners can install the system on their own in just about an hour, and the company backs the product with a lifetime guarantee that transfers along with the sale of the house or business.

During the process of chelation, the molecules in the citric acid bind with calcium ions in the hard water. This prevents the calcium ions from bonding with one another, thereby preventing buildup and scaling. The citric acid also helps to lower the pH of the water, and this helps to reduce the frequency of scale formation, as well. The company proprietors spent 25 years developing and perfecting the product before making it available to the public online and through television infomercials just three short years ago.

Three options are available for those who have condominiums or studio apartments, small homes, and even multi-level homes. The company believes in efficiency, and the cartridges containing the citric acid only require changing every six months. Homeowners across the country have turned to NuvoH20 for their water softening needs. This method of water softening is eco-friendly since there is little wastewater, zero salt entering the groundwater, and no electricity necessary to operate the system. What's more, the citric acid does not bind to beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water like salt, so consumers can rest comfortably in the knowledge that their families are receiving all of the benefits that water has to provide.

Water softened with the NuvoH20 system tastes fresh and clean rather than briny, and showers feel refreshing instead of slimy. The detergent action of soaps works better in naturally softened water, and this means that you can use less when you wash your hair or even wash your clothes. In fact, the system removes existing scale formation from appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, icemakers, and hot water heaters rather than simply prevent new buildup like conventional salt systems.

When water is softened naturally, not only are families healthier, but the planet is healthier as a whole. NuvoH20 is dedicated to ensuring the life of your appliances, the life of your family, and the life of the Earth.

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