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Nomaco Insulation's products are widely used in the residential market. Nomaco has a legacy of innovation and decades of expertise in foam extrusion technology. Nomaco Insulation is once again taking residential plumbing insulation to a new level with the introduction of a proprietary technology, NRG5 which for the first time, enables consistent high quality processing of up to 100 percent recycled post-industrial and post-consumer use polyolefin material. The creation of the NRG5 technology platform incorporates sustainability principals of recycling and reuse of materials, reduction of virgin raw materials and total material content, re-engineering of complex formulations and re-design of processes and products to minimize environmental impact while continuing to provide the same high quality insulation products that customers have learned to expect from Nomaco Insulation. Our residential insulation products are black in color, 6 foot in length and is available as pre-slit/pre-glued or semi-slit.
A Legacy of Innovation. Decades of Experience. Nomaco Insulation is the global leader in manufacturing polyethylene foam insulation products used in the residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.
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