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Oliveri Sinks

Oliveri began as a domestic metal fabricator in Adelaide, Australia in 1948. The company began sink manufacturing and quickly became a pioneer in the deep drawing process in Australia. Over the years, as the business grew, Oliveri at the time was Australia's only commercial sink manufacturer introduced precision technology to their stainless steel sink manufacturing process with the installation of some of the world's most sophisticated processing equipment.

Today, the quality style and superior design of Oliveri sinks is enjoyed by homeowners around the world as the brand has become established in several markets overseas.

A multi-million dollar upgrade in 1994 saw the production facility move to new 6000sqm premises and the installation of the latest high-tech machinery sourced from around the world.

The introduction of new equipment has allowed Tasman Sinkware to produce their sinks and tubs to "world standard" best practice. Tasman Sinkware is a Quality Endorsed company and all products are manufactured to Standard ISO 9002, your guarantee of quality.

Current designs reflect the most modern and innovative styles and are crafted to suit even the most discerning homeowner.

Tasman Sinkware are proud of their hard-earned reputation as a premium quality and market-leading designer and manufacturer of kitchen products. Tasman Sinkware will continue to develop designs and styles suitable for any application where the highest standards are demanded.

If it's not an Oliveri, it's a compromise.

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