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Oxygenics Shower Heads

Oxygenics was established in 1981 and they are located in Reno, Nevada. The company manufactures water efficiency products for showerheads. They have maintained an amazing legacy of products that consistently win awards and in 1995 they were awarded the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Conservation & Education Mentor Award. Their showerheads are the primary product utilized in Resource Action Programs for schools. Oxygenics offers showerheads that outlast other brands and are priced with consumers in mind.

oxygenics showers

Oxygenics Showers

Experience the enchantment of Oxygenics mystic showers and showerheads. A shocking difference to the standard shower experience which you have used over the years. Bringing the best in advanced technology to the bath Oxygenics has revolutionized the meaning of the word, shower. Turn you bath into an exuberating, near state of spiritual joy with each use. Do not miss this offer to feel your body instantly revitalizing and your mind rejuvenating as you relax ever fiber of your being in these superbly radical showers.

Oxygenics uses state of the art Venturi Principle, Delrin, Infused Oxygen, and never before seen durability to present you with a showerhead that leaves you feeling invigorated and relaxed. You work hard, you play hard, and you deserve the tranquil break that only Oxygenics can give you.

No other showerhead product on the market can match Oxygenics patented technology nor can they compete with our like jet engine power effects. Our showerheads perform in an innovative, astonishing way that is a cut above all others. Grasp the opportunity to feel the power with every shower! Know that you have the optimum in home showering available on the market!

How does Oxygenics work to produce invigorating deluxe showers? Behind each Oxygenics showerhead is the inventive technology based on the Venturi Principle. Within the showerhead base rests a powerful accelerator fin, as water flow enters the base it is propelled through the accelerator fin at a rapid velocity which increases the flow. The water then enters a channel were oxygen is introduced. The final results produce jet engine like power streams! The outcome features a showerhead with a wide range of selections to compliment your pleasures. No matter which desire you are in the mood for, from a gentle soothing spray to an invigorating pulsating sensation Oxygenics showerheads will deliver. Restore your vitality with powerful oxygenated spray; introduce yourself to a healthier lifestyle!

The single cavity design of Oxygenics showerheads in addition to internal components made of non-stick Delrin prevents clogging from nasty mineral and hard water deposits. Never waste your time again trying to clean calcium deposits or sediment from the showerhead, with Delrin scrubbing is not necessary. You can look forward to free-flowing water every time you shower.

Oxygenics is practically maintenance free using Delrin as just one of our successful additions. This exceptional and original material works for you to provide a stress-free showering experience.  Oxygenics is proud to offer you Delrin clogging resistance showerheads. These showerheads add a whole new meaning to “jump in the shower”. No more dreading the drizzle-drip from your shower head, enjoy a powerful stream anytime, every time!

Most will agree that oxygen is a valuable and often overlooked element found in water. Oxygenics showerheads have health and beauty advisors excited, hailing the benefits to rejuvenate the skin and regenerate skin cells. The skin, being the largest of all organs, requires proper intake of oxygen to prevent dryness and wrinkles. Give your skin a new lease on life with oxygen rich Oxygenics showerheads, whose health benefits are world renowned.

Oxygenics can increase oxygen content in your water up to 10 times using a patented technology that introduces air into the water, creating an increased richness of oxygen in the spray. As it breathes the skin will absorb its required amount of oxygen. Celebrate as you nurture your skin back to health the natural way, with the power of all-healing water produced from Oxygenics showerheads.

Judging from the outside can hold true for Oxygenics showerheads. Knowing what is inside the showerhead, Delrin anti-clogging mechanism for eliminating mineral deposits, accelerator fin to increase the power of the water flow, and special channels to increase the amount of oxygen supply. All these features combine to create one of the finest crafted, most sought after bath fixtures on the market.

Available in a variety of styles and finishes to coordinate with any décor, Oxygenics showerheads are not only impressive in appearance but, in quality as well. Relax with the confidence of owning a product that is durable for long-term usage. Once you experience Oxygenics lavish operation features you will never return to any other brand. We are so confident of your complete satisfaction that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee; the only exception is less shipping and handling. 

Go Green; take care of the planet’s natural resources by using less water and energy consumption. And, at the same time you will be watching what’s in your wallet with lower utility bills. How is this possible? Oxygenics showerheads use less amounts of water, due to the increased amount of oxygen you won’t even notice the difference. Simultaneously, hot water usage will also reduce lowering your electric consumption significantly. This adds up to a substantial savings of nearly $600 yearly for the average family. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your share in saving our precious natural resources.

Oxygenics Showers

Prepare To Be Engulfed In Paradise!

Rapidly growing in popularity Oxygenics Storm showerheads transports the bather to a waterfall of pleasure. The Storm has evolved!

Lose yourself with 54 strong spray nozzles sweeping currents of water across your skin using 30% more water pressure in comparison to other leading brands. Imagine a lifetime of nourishing indulgence that uses 70% less water! Oxygenics Storm showerheads are inexpensive to install yet the superb craftsmanship provides an appearance of a luxury product that enhances the overall décor of the bath. Not only will you be saving money, with Storm, but you will also be assisting in saving our planets precious water resources!


Where Technology and Showering Collide

Oxygenics Evolution – the name is self-defining! An eco-friendly, high-tech advanced showerhead with 360° rotation capabilities. The exclusive oval head is a forerunner in showerhead design, adding a much needed facelift to home bath décor. Evolution’s four pressurized spray options combined with an innovative push button spray selector provides you with an invigorating shower others can only dream about.

Oxygenics Evolution ground-breaking showerhead built with eco-friendly technology is exceedingly more advanced than other industry leading brands. Evolution-go green- innovative technology cuts your home water and energy usage 20-70%! You will experience the thrill of greater satisfaction with 90% wider spray coverage over the body. A true world-shattering experience!

A Product Unlike Any Other

Pioneered for durability our SkinCare series have evolved into one of the world’s most adored showerheads on the market. Outperforming and outlasting similar products of its nature from the beginning of their creation. This series, due to precision craftsmanship, classic styling and multi-contemporary designs will coordinate with any bathroom décor.
Designed to satisfy customer’s desires, Oxygenics SkinCare showerheads are available in three impressive finishes. Available at your fingertips for selection, Oxygenics presents sleek chrome, classic chrome and gold, or brilliant gold.

Shop Oxygenics SkinCare Series.

3 Different Sprays - Same Amazing Shower

Oxygenics TriSpa series showerheads are unbelievable! Experience the three pressurized spray patterns for a vigorous and soothing indulgence every time you shower.  TriSpa series innovative designs of different spray patterns makes the impossible possible!

Oxygenics has incorporated patented smart technology into TriSpa to create an all-new dynamic multi-spray showerhead! This amazing design is unique, it is totally different than anything we have created before and unlike anything our customers have ever tried before.

For the extreme experience Oxygenics TriSpa is now available for purchase in 1.9 gallon per minute model!

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