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Kwikset Entry Door Handleset

Kwikset is one of the leaders in manufacturing a full line of door hardware and door locks that include, door knobs, levers, deadbolts, handlesets, electronic keyless entry locks for both residential and commercial applications. Since inception of the company over 60 years ago, their reach has extended to protecting millions of families around the world. Kwiksets technological advances like electronic locks, wireless technology, master key alternatives, bumb protection and SmartKey innovations make them one of the most popular door lock and hardware companies on the market today.

The SmartSeries from Kwikset, a revolutionary new platform of products designed to simplify and enhance the way you utilize security for your home. For over 60 years Kwikset has led the lockset industry in innovation and design. They developed new state-of-the art technology providing control, convenience and customization to go with the styles and finishes you have come to expect from the industry leader. The SmartSeries of products will change the way you use home security. From the state-of-the-art functionality of the SmartScan biometric deadbolt, to the groundbreaking advancement in the SmartKey re-key technology, these products will allow you to customize your entry lockset's and control who has access to your home, while maintaining a level of security. SmartSeries products provide different levels of functionality and convenience. See the table below for which products best fit your individual needs.

Kwikset SmartKey
Kwikset’s SmartKey is a technological innovation that provides superior security. It also provides you the flexibility of re-keying your own locks, yourself, quickly & easily without removing them from your door.
SmartKey allows you to control who has access to your home. When it’s necessary to loan out keys to household help, contractors or neighbors—you can re-key your lock to a spare set & change back to your personal set when you wish to disable the loaners. Re-key any time, as frequently as you wish, while maintaining a level of security.

What Makes SmartKey so Smart?
* BumpGuard - Patented side locking bar technology replaces a traditional pin & tumbler design to protect against lock bumping.
* New Technology - Locking bar, racks and pins are made out of stainless steel for increased strength and durability.
* Drill Resistance - Cylinder uses two steel balls inserted into the front of the key face to resist attack from drilling.
* Key it Yourself - Lock is re-keyable by using the included learn tool in less than 30 seconds without removing the lock from the door.
Kwikset Smart Key

Kwikset Smartcode

Kwikset Smartcode Electronic Locks

You can program a code that only you and your family will know using Kwikset's electronic locks. Simply program the code and use it to either enter or when leaving your home. You can also assign a temporary code and delete it when you see fit. No more need for keys! Smartcode is easy to install and operates on just 4 AA batteries. Use this lock with any Kwikset knob, lever or handleset and know your family will sleep safe tonight.

* One touch locking - no fumbling with mechanical turn pieces.
* Create your personal 4 to 8 digit code & add a spare one for guests.
* Easy to add & delete codes.
* No hard wiring required - 4 AA batteries power the unit for roughly 1 year.
* Easily installs on a standard door preparation - all you need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.
* Back-up key use.

Kwikset SmartCode Locks with Home Connect Technology

A new, smarter way to connect to your home. Home Connect Technology works by allowing your front door lock to wirelessly talk to other things in your house, such as the security system, lighting, thermostat, and entertainment system. Powered by 4AA batteries, the lock offers true remote locking and unlocking features due to its motorized driven locking mechanism which is an advantage over the competition.

* Motorized Locking Mechanism - enables true remote locking & unlocking.
* Includes SmartKey Re-key Technology with BumpGuard Protection.
* Revolutionary Tapered Deadbolt Design - enables misaligned doors to lock without pulling & pushing your door shut.
* Full 128-Bit Encryption Security.
* Replaces Existing Deadbolt with just a screwdriver.
* 4 AA Batteries (no hard wiring) - batteries last for approximately 1 year.
* Zigbee Wireless Protocol.
* Z-Wave Wireless Protocol.

Kwikset Home Connect

Kwikset Smartscan

Kwikset SmartScan Biometric Deadbolts

For the ultimate in flexibility & control in home security, Kwikset introduces SmartScan - The 1st residential biometric deadbolt designed to
match your home decor. Nothing is more individual than your fingerprint. That’s why fingerprint scan technology is used today for the most critical security access.

* Once enrolled in the unit, simply unlock by swiping your finger under the sensor
* SmartScan reads deep into the sub dermal layers of your skin.
* Nicks and scratches will not interfere with operation.
* Continuous Access (24/7) for home owners and family.
* Temporary Access Day of the week for contractors.
* Restricted Access Time & day of the week for baby sitters or housekeepers.
* All you need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver
* Stand alone system
* No hard wiring required
* Manage up to 50 users
* As an administrator, easily enroll or delete users in seconds

For over sixty years, Kwikset has been bringing peace of mind to many individuals around the world. There isn’t a door made that Kwikset cannot turn into an attractive addition with security. Kwikset was founded by Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart in 1946. It was named Kwikset for its speed of installation. This company revolutionized the design of residential locks with a tubular lock look.

Kwikset offers a full line of hardware and locks for doors. These include door lever, knobs, deadbolts, handle sets, pocket door hardware and keyless entry locks for doors that are electronic. Kwikset believes that customers should have the best when it comes to securing their homes. Innovation is thought to be Kwikset greatest attribute. Kwikset has a simple premise which is that the best of security is simply smart security.

Kwikset products are available in many different finishes allowing consumers to choose the finish that best blends with the décor style of their home. You may choose outdoor and indoor security locks as well as beautiful door knobs to fit your style. Kwikset products will not only bring good looks but durability and performance for many years. Many customers that choose Kwikset products return time and time again for additional products by the company due to the complete satisfaction they have found.