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Ridgid Tools

When plumbers look to purchase tools for the plumbing industry, they look to Ridge Tool Company. RIDGID was established in 1923 and has offices and plants all over the world. Expert plumbers know that RIDGID tools are engineered to endure everyday use in all situations and they will outperform other plumbing tools manufactured by different companies. RIDGID manufactures their first heavy-duty pipe wrench over 80 years ago and they work diligently to exceed customer's expectations with each new product they create. RIDGID knows that proper tools result in more efficient and improved work. That translates to better profits for everyone.

Since 1923, RIDGID has remained the symbol of certainty to dedicated professionals of the expert trades. We at the Ridge Tool Company take this heritage seriously. This is why every tool that bears the RIDGID brand is engineered to the same high standards of quality, strength, and endurance as was that first heavy-duty pipe wrench more than 80 years ago.

Ever since the introduction of that revolutionary product, our expectations have been to exceed those of our customers through industry leading products and support that provide:

  • Confidence that RIDGID products will consistently perform in the harsh demands of the professional's work site.
  • Efficiency which results in faster work, more jobs, and improved profits.
  • Industry Innovations to help our customers create new services and income sources.

The RIDGID brand is a promise to our customers which we continue to honor every day. When selecting the tools on which to stake your reputation, know that professionals choose the market leader. The difference is distinct. The difference is RIDGID. Why do so many professionals choose RIDGID tools? The answer is Millions of RIDGID tools go to work every day in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments. These tools operate in extremes of heat and cold, withstand dirt and mud, and perform reliably day in and day out. RIDGID tools are known the world over as industry-leading products that allow professionals like you to complete jobs more quickly and reliably. One of the design parameters for developing RIDGID tools is efficient operation. We engineer ease-of-use into every product. And, we include innovative features to ensure that our tools and machines get jobs done as quickly as possible without compromising quality. Developing and manufacturing innovative products to meet the ever-changing demands of your job are a continuous process at Ridge Tool. Not only do our evolving technologies help you solve today's problems, they are designed to address your future needs as well. As a dependable partner for working professionals, we listen to your needs and encourage feedback. We then use that information to provide you with the tools, equipment and support you've asked for.

Ridgid Drain Machines
RIDGID offers drain cleaning hand tools, machines, jetters and accessories to clear blockage or maintain flow in 1/2" - 12" pipes.

Ridgid K-400 (24853) Drain Cleaning Drum Machine

Ridgid K-400 Drum Machine

For 1 1/2" to 4" (32-100mm) Drain Lines

The K-400 offers several unique, user-friendly features to make the toughest drain cleaning jobs easier and hassle-free. Designed with a sleek profile, the K-400 is a great fit for drain cleaners, service plumbers, facility and institutional maintenance departments and property management companies.

Ridgid K40-AF (71722) Dual Feed Drain Cleaning Machine

Ridgid K-40 Sink Machine

The K-40 Dual Feed Sink Machine provides the professional with a powerful yet compact machine for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3/4" to 2 1/2" (19mm - 64mm). When used with the dual feed your hands literally never need to touch the cable, and THERE IS NO MESS.

Ridgid Pipe and Tubing Tools
A complete line of premium tools to cut, prepare, and join pipe and tubing.
Shop Ridgid : Pipe Wrenches Basin Wrenches Pipe and Tubing Cutters

Ridgid Pipe Wrenches
Ridgid Straight Pipe Wrench
Ridgid End Pipe Wrench
Ridgid Heavy-Duty Offset Pipe Wrench
Straight Pipe Wrench End Pipe Wrench Heavy-Duty Offset Pipe Wrench

Ridgid Pipe Cutters
Ridgid Soil Pipe Cutters
Ridgid Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters
Soil Pipe Cutters Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters

Ridgid Tubing Cutters
Ridgid Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter
Ridgid Enclosed Feed Cutters
Ridgid Internal Tubing Cutters
Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter Enclosed Feed Cutters Internal Tubing Cutters
Ridgid Threading Machines

Ridgid Threading Machines
Dependable heavy duty machines for maximum up-time, superior quality threads and minimal threading time. Industry's widest selection of hand and power threading equipment. Shop Ridgid Threaders.

RIDGID Introduces New K-45 and K-45AF Drain Cleaning Machines Available in Manual and AUTOFEED Versions
ELYRIA, OHIO – July 2010 – RIDGID introduces the new K-45 manual and K-45AF AUTOFEED drain cleaning machines with optimized power up to 600 RPM.

The K-45 drain cleaners are designed for 3/4- to 2 1/2-inch drain lines. Cable is offered in three sizes of 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 inches, each in varying of lengths of up to 50 feet.

The K-45AF drain cleaner features advanced two-way AUTOFEED letting the operator clean drains better and faster, quickly working back and forth through drain blockages to completely clear lines. The ability for users to advance and retrieve the cable without stopping to reverse the motor reduces job times by 15 percent.

The K-45 and K-45AF machines have variable speed operation from 0 to 600 RPM to give the operator complete control in all situations. The inner drum prevents leakage to reduce on-site cleaning and clean-up times.

The drain machines offer a quick-acting, slide chuck that locks the cable. The inner drum design eliminates cable flip-over within the drum and allows for quick cable change out, and a compression-wound inner core cable combines strength and flexibility to avoid kinking. The units have soft touch grips on their ergonomically designed handles.

“The K-45 family of drain cleaners are the professional's choice for cleaning small secondary drain lines,” said Renee Brown, product manager, drain cleaning, RIDGID. “The smooth, soft start AUTOFEED feature on the K-45AF machine allows the user to keep their hands off the cable, avoiding mess, and giving the user total control to completely work through blockages and retrieve obstructions.”

The K-45 and K-45AF drain cleaning machines are ideal for applications such as sinks, bath tubs and showers.

The K-45 machine weighs 12.6 pounds and the K-45AF machine weighs 13.8 pounds making both easy to carry and store. The K-45 drain cleaners come with the RIDGID lifetime warranty.

RIDGID Tailpiece Extension Cutter Saves Time by Making Clean, Fast and Straight Cuts with One Tool
ELYRIA, OHIO – May 2010 – The RIDGID Tailpiece Extension Cutter (Model P-TEC 2550), saves users time and material costs by making a clean, fast, and straight cut with one tool on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and thin-walled PVC plastic tube used in sink drain extensions and tailpieces.

“The RIDGID Tailpiece Extension Cutter provides a fast, straight cut with a beveled edge for thin-walled plastic sink extensions that cannot be obtained with any other tool on the market,” said Kennia Papadakis, director of marketing, hand tools. “What was once a two-tool process can now be executed with a single tool. The Model P-TEC 2550 cutter is four times faster than current solutions and completes the cut in just six rotations or less.”

The cutter is intended for thin-walled tailpieces, wall extension tubes, and disposer kits made of PE, PP, or PVC materials. The Model P-TEC 2550 cutter provides a contained, auto-fed cutter for the standard sizes of 1 1/2- and 1 1/4-inch outer diameters. The automatic deburring feature eliminates the need for a second tool and produces only a fine strand of plastic, as opposed to the fuzz around the cut produced by hacksaws or other tools on the market. The automatic beveling feature allows for the effortless assembly of slip joints and kits for immediate joining to other sink drain pieces. Easy-view windows ensure straight cuts on a measured and marked pipe.

The Model P-TEC 2550 Tailpiece Extension Cutter was designed to fill a need voiced by RIDGID users. The new tool from RIDGID saves time and material costs by eliminating many of the hassles experienced during sink drain installation. The cutter is an addition to the RIDGID Under-the-Sink specialty tools family known and trusted by service plumbers, plumbing contractors and DIYers.

RIDGID Introduces New Auto-Clean Drain Cleaning Machine
RIDGID introduces the new Auto-Clean drain cleaning machine for cleaning drain blockages in homes and businesses. The Auto-Clean (Model No. K-30) drain cleaning machine works in pipes from ¾ to 1 ½ inches in diameter. It is designed to clean sink, utility sink, tub and shower drains.

The Auto-Clean drain cleaning machine features dual-direction AUTOFEED technology, which conveniently advances and retrieves the drain-cleaning cable with the push of a lever. The aluminum paddles on the AUTOFEED allow the user to feed cable down the drain at 18-feet per minute, enabling most blockages to be reached in under one minute. The strong, durable MAXCORE 50 cable plows through tough blockages using the ¼-inch by 30-foot inner core cable.

Users do not have to touch the cable as it features a unique guide hose that gives the user added reach as the AUTOFEED automatically powers the cable down drains and through blockages. The guide hose minimizes clean up of hands, work areas and fixtures by eliminating splatter.
“The Auto-Clean drain cleaning machine is a great asset to the RIDGID sink machines line,” said Renee Brown, product manager, RIDGID. “The compact design and clean, easy-to-use features offer a solution for common drain blockages.”

The unit features a handle for easy transport and storage and rubber feet that provide increased stability. A foot bulb activation allows users to turn the unit on and off with the tap of a foot. The Auto-Clean drain cleaning machine is compact in size, weighing only 11 pounds, adding to its convenience and ease of use.

RIDGID Introduces SeeSnake microReel L100 and L100C Inspection System, the Newest Addition to Its SeeSnake Inspection Product Line
ELYRIA, OHIO – January 2010 – The newest addition to the RIDGID SeeSnake inspection product line, the SeeSnake microReel L100 and L100C inspection system, is a complete compact, portable drain inspection system for users needing to push cable distances of up to 100 feet in lines from 1-1/2 to 4 inches in diameter.

Designed for use in lateral lines that exit the building and connect to septic or sewer lines, as well as in roof stacks, the microReel inspection system features a 100-foot cable and a larger, 25-mm camera head with greater lighting. The durable push cable is designed to be stiff enough to reach longer distances, yet flexible enough to allow access through bends in the lines. An optional counter provides the ability to count the number of feet and inches the cable is extended.

The microReel inspection system can be used with all SeeSnake monitor and recording options, as well as the microEXPLORER inspection camera for digital recording to capture still and video images on an SD card or in the internal memory to enable editing, reporting, sharing and storing.

At 10.3 pounds, the portable microReel inspection system can easily be transported to and from jobsites without experiencing fatigue. For additional flexibility on jobsites, the microReel internal drum cartridge can be removed from the housing assembly and can be exchanged with the microDrain internal drum cartridge as an option when a shorter, more flexible cable is needed to access sink P-traps and toilet traps.

“The microReel inspection system builds on the same great benefits of the compact, portable, digital recording microDrain inspection system that was introduced to the market earlier this year,” said Sarah Golish, director, inspection systems and networks. “It is small and light enough to be used daily as a first line of defense diagnostic tool, making it a necessary addition to every plumber's truck.”

The microReel inspection system is backed by the RIDGID lifetime warranty.

New RIDGID Press Snap Soil Pipe Cutter Provides Fast and Easy Cutting of Cast Iron Soil Pipe
The RIDGID Press Snap soil pipe cutter expands the capabilities of RIDGID standard press tools by providing a fast and easy way to cut cast iron soil pipe.

Ridgid Press Snap Pipe Cutter

The Press Snap cutter eliminates the need for manual ratcheting when it is connected to a RIDGID press tool. To make a cut, the Press Snap cutter is attached to the press tool, the Press Snap chain wraps around the pipe, and the user presses the trigger to make the cut. There is no need to score the pipe beforehand. The Press Snap cutter cuts most 1-1/2- to 4-inch no hub and service weight soil pipe. It works with all RIDGID standard press tools, including the CT-400, 320-E, RP 330-B and RP 330-C.

“The Press Snap soil pipe cutter provides additional functionality to RIDGID press tools,” said David Roberts, plumbing and pressing technologies. “The new Press Snap cutter enables users to cut soil pipe in seconds with minimal effort.”

RIDGID pressing technology consists of electro-hydraulic press tools with interchangeable jaws and rings that press and connect copper, stainless steel, and PEX tubing in seconds.

The Press Snap soil pipe cutter is backed by the RIDGID lifetime warranty.

The New RIDGID 2-in-1 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter Allows for Cutting in Tight and Restricted Spaces
The RIDGID 2-in-1 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter combines the RIDGID Model 118 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter with a ratchet handle that allows for easier cutting in tight, restricted spaces.

RIDGID 2-in-1 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter

The cutter can be used alone or with the ratchet handle. The handle, a light and ergonomic accessory, can be attached to the cutter and operated in ratchet steps as small as 10 degrees, allowing for fine indexing of the cutter to operate in tight spaces where the cutter cannot be rotated by hand.

The RIDGID Model 118 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter requires the operator to tighten the football-shaped knob only once and the spring-loaded cutter wheel will automatically cut. The cutter is adjustable from ¼-inches to 1 ?-inches outer diameter. The cutter is designed for use on hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass and plastic tubing. The cutter comes with a spare E-3469 cutter wheel in the knob and the ratchet handle is also compatible with the RIDGID Model 101 tubing cutter.

“The 2-in-1 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter features a new ratchet handle that allows more flexibility and mobility for users to cut copper faster and more efficiently when in hard-to-reach areas and restricted spaces,” said Kennia Papadakis, director of marketing hand tools, RIDGID. “It's rugged and easy to use. It's also ergonomically designed so it doesn't slip in users' hands when they are cutting.”

The 2-in-1 Close Quarters AUTOFEED Cutter is backed by the RIDGID lifetime warranty.

Ridgid Adds New Larger Capacity Stainless Steel Cutter to Its Product Line

Ridgid Cutter 54S
Ridgid Stainless Steel Cutter

The tubing A new RIDGID Model 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter for making quicker cuts to stainless steel and other metallic tubes such as steel, zinc, copper and aluminum, has been recently added to the RIDGID stainless steel product line.

cutter features the X-CEL knob, a larger, ergonomic knob, which gives the user a more firm grip allowing more force to be applied to cut through tubing faster and easier. With a spare wheel stored in the knob, the X-CEL wheel pin allows for quick wheel changes with no tools required.

The user friendly RIDGID 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter's lightweight design, quick-acting mechanism and spring quick return allows the cutter to adjust rapidly from 1/4-inch to 2 5/8-inch diameter tubing. The Model 65S cutter can cut tubing with a wall thickness of up to 1/8 inch. The tubing cutter's roller bearings reduce friction and increase cut speeds, giving strong and smooth support of tube cutting.

"The rollers and cutters of the 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter were designed specifically for stainless steel applications,” said Kennia Papadakis, director of marketing, hand tools and general purpose. “As a result, users will be able to achieve cleaner, smoother and more accurate cuts when using stainless steel tubing."

The 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter is backed by the RIDGID lifetime warranty.

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