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Robern Cabinets

Robern has been a subsidiary of the Kohler Company, a leader in fixtures and products for kitchens and baths, since 1995. The company is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania where it was originally established in 1968. Robern designs and manufactures cabinets, vanities, mirrors, lighting, and more for bathrooms, hallways, foyers, and other rooms in residential homes. They have taken standard vanities and added a dimension of style and design with finishes and options to create unique pieces. Robern uses aluminum frames that allow sturdy yet rust free performance and durability for bathrooms and other applications.

Robern is the leader in residential storage solutions, creating cabinets, vanities, mirrors, lighting, and accessories for bathrooms, hallways, foyers, and more. Robern pioneers development of the personal vanity environment by providing stylish designs, attractive finish options, and innovative features.

Robern cabinets boast aluminum-framed construction that is both sturdy and rust-free, offering the highest level of quality and durability in storage for bathrooms and elsewhere.

Robern is headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania, where it has existed since the company's founding in 1968. In 1995 Robern became a subsidiary company of Kohler Co., a world leader in products for the kitchen and bath.


A Series

A perfect counterpart to ROBERN® wall mirrors, A Series cabinets add convenient storage to small bath and powder room environments. With right- or left-hand swing doors and various height options, these cabinets offer versatile solutions for customized design.

Robern A Series


Classic elegance meets modern glamour. Inspired by the sleek sophistication of the 1930s, the understated luxury of Metallique offers a sense of timeless style. The clean lines of these aluminum-plated cabinets lend an air of chic refinement in bath, powder or dressing rooms.

Inspired by the Art Moderne movement of the 1930s and 1940s, Metallique framed cabinets add a glamorous touch to the room. Their Polished Chrome, Monaco Gold and Brushed Nickel aluminumplated finishes add stylish elegance that complements faucets, towel bars and other bathroom accessories.

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Robern Metallique


Inspired by the gracious charm of New England summer communities and seaside cottages, the Fairhaven cabinet collection provides storage solutions and functionality in a timeless, relaxed style.

Featuring details such as crown and foot moldings and a beaded door with a 1/2-inch beveled mirror, the Fairhaven mirrored cabinet can be surface- or semi-recess mounted.

Double the size of a traditional bathroom cabinet, the Fairhaven full-length cabinet dramatically increases storage space and versatility. Designed to provide efficient organization of such necessities as tissue, toilet paper, linens and toiletries.

Robern Fairhaven

M Series

M Series modular mirrored bath cabinetry brings clean, versatile design and functional innovation to home environments. The mirrored cabinets can stand alone, be "ganged" across the wall or stacked on top of each other to create customized sizes and an entirely new look in the room. Practical features assist in the day-to-day regimen of dressing and grooming.

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Robern M Series

R3 Series

Revitalize your bathroom with R3 mirrored cabinets, designed to quickly and seamlessly replace old medicine cabinets, upgrade bathroom storage and improve the grooming experience.

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Robern R3 Series
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