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SharkBite Fittings

For nearly 100 years, Cash Acme has designed and manufactured water pressure, thermostatic and temperature valves. From the company's meager beginnings in Decatur, Illinois to its current state-of-the-art facility in Cullman, Alabama, Cash Acme has remained a respected name in the U.S. plumbing and heating industry. With the expansion of the automated production facility in the Fall of 2003, the focus on innovation continued.

sharkbite ball valves

SharkBite Ball Valves

sharkbite elbows

SharkBite Elbows

sharkbite male to female adapters

SharkBite Male to Female Adapters

sharkbite end stops

SharkBite End Stops

sharkbite check valves

SharkBite Check Valves

sharkbite clips and tongs

SharkBite Clips and Tongs

sharkbite test gauges

SharkBite Test Gauges

sharkbite plumbing tools

SharkBite Plumbing Tools

sharkbite water heaters

SharkBite Water Heaters

Currently, Cash Acme is a leading supplier to wholesale distribution with production of several types of regulating valves. The company also services the general plumbing and heating industry with a solid and well regarded product range including pressure regulators, relief valves, backflow prevention devices and general plumbing and heating controls.

The long respected brand name has been accepted by the professional trade since it's humble beginnings in 1912, when A.W. Cash started in the United States market. This has lead to the innovation of the largest T and P manufacturing operation in the world spanning three continents.

A result of this innovation was the SharkBite connection system that makes any plumbing project fast and easy. The proven system includes hundreds of products from dozens of different fittings, a wide range of push-fit valves and even PEX tubing.

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