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Pullout Faucets
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Regardless of your requirements, Sloan offers a variety of solutions to meet your water conservation and restroom needs. Sloan has the most extensive product offering in the industry. When required, Sloan will engineer customized products and systems for specific applications.
Since 1906, Sloan Valve has been the world's leading manufacturer of water-efficient solutions that are built to perform, guaranteed to last, and are designed with the hopes of promoting a healthy environment through water conservation. Each of our divisions specializes in helping us offer reliable products that will ultimately improve the quality of life of the customers and communities we serve.

Be the global leader most renowned for providing smart, clean, and healthy restroom solutions that help preserve the world's precious resources.

Manual Flushometers

The first of its kind, the first in its class. Sloan has always developed products that are a standard above the rest. Constructed for reliability and time-tested precision, our flushometers come in a variety of versatile styles to meet your needs.
With carefully crafted precision our flushometers are built for reliable performance that lasts. Browse the families below to find the type that fits your needs.

Royal® Sloan® Regal XL GEM•2

Royal® Exposed Urinal Flushometers

The Royal® Flushometer, which was the very first flush valve to hit the market more than 100 years ago, continues to reliably serve commercial customers today. This manual, exposed urinal, diaphragm model Flushometer provides savings on water usage without giving up performance advantages. Features such as accurate flush delivery, quiet performance and durable components affirm the Royal as the true leader in Flushometer design.

Sloan® Adjustable Ground Joint Retrofit Flushometers

The Sloan® Flushometer incorporates design, quality and performance standards representative of the most trusted name in Flushometers. The Sloan adjustable ground joint retrofit Flushometers for water closets and urinals provide savings on water usage while maintaining performance advantages. Features such as low-consumption flush accuracy, quiet performance and rugged components affirm Sloan as a leader in Flushometer design.

Regal® XL Service Sink and Squat Toilet Flushometers

Regal® XL Flushometers provide water savings while maintaining performance advantages. Features such as an accurate flush delivery system, quiet performance and durable components add to the economics of the Regal XL. These Flushometers are for janitorial and maintenance service sink applications.

GEM® Exposed Urinal Flushometers

The GEM® Flushometer is engineered with superior functional features and advanced water-handling characteristics. These exposed urinal, piston-type Flushometers are designed to accurately meter water delivery while also offering quiet performance and durable components to reliably serve today's demanding commercial marketplace.

Sloan Sensor Operated Flushometers

Advanced technology for the convenience of touchless flushing.

Sloan sensor-operated flushometers bring you the ease and cleanliness of hands-free operation. With options including battery operated, hardwired, concealed and exposed Sloan has an option for everyone.

Sloan sensors offer the hands-free operation that restroom visitors have come to expect, reducing the spread of germs that can remain on surfaces for hours or even days.

SOLIS® Solar Sloan ECOS® Optima® G2 Optima Plus®

Sloan SOLIS® Exposed Solar-Powered Dual-Flush Water Closet Flushometers

Sloan SOLIS® exposed, solar-powered, dual-flush water closet Flushometers, which are part of the Sloan SOLIS Collection, are the industry's first solar-powered, sensor-operated Flushometers. The dual-flush model has two flush cycles: Users can choose the full 1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf flush for solid waste or the reduced flush of 1.1 gpf/4.2 Lpf for liquid waste. If the user does not press a button, the Flushometer's Dual-Flush Smart Sense Technology™ takes over and automatically initiates a flush cycle, based on how long the user remains in the sensor range.

Sloan ECOS® Exposed Dual-Flush Retrofits for Existing Exposed Flushometers

Sloan ECOS® Dual-Flush Retrofits for exposed water closet Flushometer valves converts manual Flushometers to hands-free dual-flush operation. The unit automatically initiates a flush based on how long user remains in sensor range. Intuitive dual-flush buttons enable users to manually choose a 1.1- or 1.6-gpf flush at their discretion.

Optima Exposed Royal ES-S True Mechanical Override Flushometers

Optima exposed Flushometers offer the ultimate in flushing technology with the Optima EL-1500 infrared sensor, which adapts to its surrounding. Once the user enters the sensor's effective range and then steps away, the Flushometer solenoid automatically initiates the flush cycle. Sloan's True Mechanical Override is the first Non-Hold-Open override Flushometer in the plumbing industry.

G2 Optima Plus® Exposed Battery-Powered Water Closet Flushometers

G2 Optima Plus® exposed water closet Flushometers are available in a wide variety of styles to meet any installation requirements, all designed to perform in a consistent, reliable way with battery-power.

Sloan Vitreous China Fixtures

Reliable foundations for great savings. Sloan Vitreous China fixtures incorporate cutting-edge water saving designs that will keep money in your pocket. With styles ranging from low consumption to waterfree, our fixtures can cut your water usage down to its absolute minimum. Featuring innovative technologies, our vitreous china fixtures pair with our traditional line of flushometers and faucets to take water efficiency to the next level.

Sloan Toilet Systems Waterfree Urinals Vitreous China Lavatory Fixtures

Sloan Sensor Faucets

Keeping it clean with the wave of a hand. Sloan's sensor operated faucets utilize the most advanced technology to bring you reliable, long-lasting performance. Featuring platforms like battery, hardwired and solar-powered operation our faucets conveniently help you meet your efficiency needs. Creating healthier environments isn't easy, but with Sloan's sensor activated faucets help stop the spread of germs by reducing contact in the restroom.

Optima® Lumino Optima Plus® Optima® Wall-Mounted G2 Optima Plus®