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Speakman Showers

The Speakman Supply and Pipe Company has supplied showerhead, faucets, and safety equipment for government and municipal buildings, hotels, hospitals, and other large institutions for more than 134 years. The business has its roots as a small company established in 1869 by brothers Allen and Joseph Speakman. In 1889, Speakman Supply and Pipe Company incorporated and shortened its name to Speakman Company. Offering plumbing supplies and accessories to the plumbing industry and workers, the company is now the leader in specification quality fittings and electronic faucets.

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Speakman Showers & Showerheads

The Speakman Company has forged a reputation for product innovation and proven quality. Speakman was founded in 1869 as an independent, privately held plumbing pipe fitting company. Over 134 years later, Speakman retains its independent status and is widely recognized as an industry leader.

Today, Speakman showerheads, faucets and safety equipment can be found in hotels, hospitals, education institutions, government buildings and factories all across the country. By sticking to their original standards of building quality, innovative and durable products, The Speakman Company has continued to be a leader in the plumbing industry.

At Speakman we believe the secret to a great day, is a great shower. You deserve to start or end every day with a luxurious bathing experience which energizes your body from head to toe. From forceful adjustable sprays, relaxing massaging jets, drenching downpour rain, or versatile handheld showers, Speakman has a showerhead to suit any taste.

Speakman Showers

Speakman Shower Types

For over 90 years, Speakmans shower products have been turning simple showers into great bathing experiences. The immensely popular Anystream ® showerhead design provides a full range of shower patterns, from full-body flood sprays to invigorating needle jets for easing sore muscles. Speakman manufactures a complete line of showerheads and accessories to fit any installation and budget� from our top-of-the-line all brass showerheads to our advanced Anystream 2000 ® hand-held pulsating massage models.

Speakman Shower

Speakman Faucet & Shower Valve Products

Since 1869 Speakman has been producing top quality commercial faucets and valves. In the early 1990s Speakman was a leader in pioneering the hands free sensor faucet market, bringing an innovative product line to the commercial specification market. Through the years we have dedicated ourselves to continually improve our products to meet growing industry trends and standards.

Trust the quality and durability of Speakman plumbing products when you must have utility plumbing materials that you can depend on to keep working reliably.

  • Over long periods of time
  • When used with hard water
  • When subjected to rough handling and extreme conditions
  • Speakman lavatory, metering and service faucets meet the high quality standards required for specification design projects. Speakman fittings are engineered to incorporate water-conserving devices, long-lived ceramic disk valves and heavy, chrome-plated, lead-free brass. Whatever your faucet need, there are Speakman faucets designed to meet it.

Speakman Faucet

Speakman Safety Products

In 1939 Speakman introduced the first emergency shower for use in an industrial safety environment. Since then Speakman has added unique features such as aerated eyewashes and impeller action showerheads. As an innovative leader in the industrial safety market, Speakman continues to help facilities meet OSHA requirements with durable and reliable emergency showers and eyewashes.

Speakman Company manufactures a full line of emergency showers, eyewashes and eye/face washes to meet most applications. Our products' unique features (including soft, aerated water spray and "impeller action" showerheads) provide superior protection from additional damage caused by exposure to hazardous materials. Please use the pictorial menu below to locate the eyewash and safety shower products that best meet your needs.

Do Speakman Safety Products meet all code compliance specifications?

YES - All Speakman Emergency Equipment products meet the latest ANSI Z358.1 performance requirements and all applicable plumbing, electric shock, safety and weatherability codes, including NEC compliance.


Rohl Pullout Faucets

ROHL pull-out kitchen faucets are hand crafted and engineered for lasting quality, beauty and performance. First introduced in America by ROHL in 1983, we've sold over 300,000 pull-out kitchen faucets to the U.S. Market.

Our pull-out faucets are created with a goal to become a source of authentic luxury in your kitchen - from form to function. Each model comes in a variety of finishes to complement any kitchen style. And the unique self-cleaning hand spray with diverter action, ceramic disc cartridge and anti-scald device makes them easy to operate, too. Our attention to detail also extends beyond beauty. The burst resistant stainless steel hose is pressure tested to 1,000 psi and the double check valve system meets all local and national codes.

Installation is quick and easy. All ROHL pull-out faucets come with "EZ Nut" plumber-friendly assembly. Combine that with a lifetime warranty on mechanics and finishes, and you have the perfect faucet for any kitchen sink.

Speakman Eco

As a part of the global community, Speakman Company, is working to help preserve our environment by offering environmentally conscious products, which reduce overall water consumption. Our commitment is to offer our customers eco responsible products without the sacrifice of quality and performance.

Low Flow Showerheads
Speakman showerheads not only save water but provide users with a satisfying quality showering experience. These showerheads range from 2.0 gpm down to 1.5 gpm. Speakman low flow showerheads meet LEEDS & Green Building Council requirements.

Indirect/Direct Evaporative Coolers
OASys is the latest technology in evaporative cooling. The OASys system combines an indirect & direct cooling module in one unit producing up to 3 tons of cooling while using less than 600 watts of electricity. OASys cuts electric bills by 80% without sacrificing comfort.

All Speakman faucets come in a variety of low flow rates from 0.5 gpm to 2.0 gpm & meet requirements for LEEDS, Green Building Council, State & local code requirements.

No Lead Products
Speakman's no lead commercial faucets are certified by IAPMO to meet California AB 1953 no lead requirements.

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