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T&S Brass

T and S Brass is a manufacturer and supplier of plumbing supplies such as faucets, fittings, accessories, and more for foodservice industries, laboratory markets, and commercial plumbing markets. Many of their products are used by hospitals, schools, prisons, restaurants, and other public buildings. The company was founded in 1947 as a manufacturer of plumbing needs for the foodservice industry and they pioneered the pre-rinse unit, an industry standard. In 1953, they designed and manufactured the foot pedal valve that is used throughout the plumbing industry. T and S also manufactures the Lab-Flo brand of laboratory fittings, and are considered a leader in their field.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.

Founded in 1947, T&S originally developed foodservice plumbing equipment, including the market's first pre-rinse unit, which became the industry standard. Then, in 1950, the company introduced its full line of foodservice plumbing products and established T&S as the premiere manufacturer in the industry. By 1953, T&S introduced the foot pedal valve, yet another product that became the industry standard.

Over the next four decades, the company entered new markets within the plumbing industry. In 1956, T&S made its debut in the laboratory market with its Lab-Flo line of laboratory service fittings. Four years later, the company expanded into non-residential markets with industrial-grade faucets for institutional applications, and penetration of the commercial plumbing market began.

Today, T&S manufactures and sells faucets, fittings and specialty products and accessories for foodservice, industrial, commercial plumbing and laboratory markets. Its products have become the standard for the majority of U.S. hospitals, schools, restaurants, prisons and public facilities.

T&S Brass

T&S Brass Concealed Widespread Faucets

Whether it's a refreshing wake-up or a soothing respite after a busy day, the shower should be a place of calm and comfort. Swan wide array of shower solutions can help you create just that. Stylish and durable Swan showers are not only attractive, but easy to clean as well. So pamper yourself a little - with a beautiful, long-lasting Swan shower.

Swan Showers

Swan Drop-In Swan Kitchen Sinks

T&S redesigned it's popular concealed wide body faucets to save you time and money, so now, installation is easier than ever! You'll have these T&S EasyInstall faucets up and working in around half the time it took to install the previous design.

The innovation: a solidly built pre-assembled concealed faucet body, made with T&S Brass durable, long-lasting materials.

Just like T&S EasyInstall Pre-rinse Units, having fewer parts to install on T&S new concealed widespread faucets means that installation, maintenance and replacement costs are signifi cantly reduced.

Swan Drop-In Swan Kitchen Sinks

T&S Brass Mini Pre-Rinse Line

In 1947, T&S introduced the market's fi rst pre-rinse unit to the foodservice industry. Today, T&S pre-rinse units remain the industry standard.

Leading the way in innovation, T&S pleased to introduce it's new line of T&S Mini Pre-Rinse Units, designed to fit in compact kitchens and in tight spaces.

All T&S Mini Pre-Rinse Units include many of the same high-quality components and features you already find with our standard-sized pre-rinses:

  • B-0109-01 6" Wall Bracket for added stability
  • Add-On Faucet with Swivel Nozzle for pot and kettle fi lling convenience
  • Water-conserving Spray Valves
  • Wall or deck mount Base Faucet with your choice of Ceramic or Compression Cartridges
  • Compact Spring with Flexible Stainless Steel Hose and Finger Hook

    T&S Brass Mini Pre-Rinse

    T&S Brass Electronic Sensor Faucets with Hydro-Generators

    Imagine a faucet which generates and stores its own power through the flow of water, without needing AC or DC back-up! T&S four ChekPointTM Electronic Sensor Faucets can now be modified with an EC-Hydrogen kit, It's newest addition to the T&S Brass ChekPointTM product line. The hydro-generator generates and stores its own power with the flow of water, thus saving you energy and money. With it being a self-contained power source, you no longer need to rely on a transformer or a battery for power!

    The hydro-generator can easily be retrofitted to any existing ChekPointTM EC-model faucet* by ordering the EC-Hydrogen accessory kit. The kit includes a female-to-female 1/2 NPSM swivel adapter, a hydro-generator with 1/2 NPSM inlet and outlet and attached power cord for connection to the existing control module. The use of the T&S ChekPointTM EC-Hydrogen and/or T&S ChekPointTM Electronic Faucets may qualify towards credits for LEED certification.


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