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TOTO is a plumbing products manufacturer in business for more than 90 years. Over 1,500 engineers and designers create products for the plumbing industry that integrate high performance technology with conservation-minded configurations. They are the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of plumbing supplies and produce aesthetically minded items such as toilets, washlets (bidet toilet seats), flush valves, urinals, lavatories, fittings, and more. All TOTO's bathroom products save money, conserve water resources, and allow customers to create a pleasant bathing environment while saving the world's environment.

Toto Toilets

Toto has been providing individuals with a superior bathing experience by manufacturing a superior line of products for the bathroom. Toto's line of fixtures and fittings for the bathroom has revolutionized the industry. Other manufacturers cannot match the products that Toto offers. These products combine unique design, technology, detail, innovation and quality. Individuals can enjoy nature's most coveted resource as it is delivered with luxurious style and class. Create your own sanctuary with Toto products for the bathroom.

In general, nearly all products for the bath perform their duties adequately. However, most individuals want a product that will conserve water as well as money while performing well. Those choosing Toto products are completely satisfied with the outstanding performance. Toto has led the industry with their high standards in performance that are world class. Their products bring longevity, reliability and durability. All fixtures have an effortless beauty allowing individuals to enrich their lives by connecting with water.

Toto Toilets

Toto Sophistication

Technologically advanced Washlets & Neorest toilets for better hygiene and the enviroment.

Faucet Depot understands that everyone wishes to put plumbing products that are environmentally sound in their homes. This is the main reason that we offer a large assortment of Toto toilets at great prices. These products are beneficial in saving water making them environmentally friendly. Toto's Neorest and Washlet toilets nearly eliminates the demand for toilet paper by giving users a healthy cleanse with each use of the bathroom.

Toto products are the ideal choice in homes where there are individuals that are elderly or have mobility issues due to injury or some type of disease. A functional bidet is the perfect selection for anyone who has difficulty performing simple toiletry needs.

Swan Showers

Toto Washlets

Toto's Washlet is designed to offer cleanliness from many perspectives. This product utilizes water to give a great cleansing that leaves the user refreshed. It also greatly reduces the toilet paper use in a household.

Washlet by Toto functions by using pure water that is delivered by way of a home's supply of clean water. Within the Washet, Toto's Wonderwave transforms water into various waveforms that will gently and efficiently deliver a refreshing clean to users. Our Washlet is made of plastic that is anti-microbial to help defend against most all germs. Inside the Washet, there are sensors, precision gearing and microprocessors that control every function with the push button feature. This model is completely hands free for greater convenience.

Toto's Washlet has a great deal of superior technology. It has the appearance of a regular toilet seat that is compatible to most all standard toilets. Clean water is utilized to give users a clean like none other. Using the Washlet is very easy. Users must select where they wish to be washed on the remote control and then select to be warm air dried. Shop all Toto Washlets.

Toto Washlets

How do Toto Washlets Work?

Toto's Washlet delivers not only a clean that is superior but a greater level of comfort to the user. Upon command, the self cleansing nozzle will extend to produce a stream of water that is warm and aerated to give the user a complete cleanse.


Features will vary from one model to another. Some possible features include:

  • Automatically flushes when sensor activated or when button is touched.
  • Sensor or remote control automatically signals lid to open or close.
  • SoftClose Seat and Lid closes hands free and never slams.
  • Wand delivers warm water gently that is aeraed.
  • Options to clean front and rear.
  • Massaging option.
  • Three temperature variation through warm air drying
  • Air purifier automatically begins.
  • Seat is heated with control for temperature selection
  • Wireless remote with convenient LCD panel that is large.
  • Docking station is easily removed for install and cleaning.
  • Greatly enhanced durability with a base plate that is reinforced.

Toto Drake Toilets

Toto's Drake and Eco Drake toilets feature a 10" Rough-in and height options that are universal. Drake and Eco Drake toilets by Toto are among the most popular of all models. These toilets bring a design that is clean and a performance that is unmatched by any. To further their popularity, these models have added universal height options and a ten inch rough-in model. Toto's Eco Drake toilet features E-max flushing system that includes a flush valve of 1.28 GPF and a siphon jet that has trapway for removing waste. All Drake toils feature the very best 1.6GPM flushing systems known as the G-Max.

Toto Drake Toilets

Toto Neorest

Neorest is actually a word meaning "new rest". Toto's designers know it is based on designing products for bathrooms that are modern. The Neorest refines the relationship between humanity and water. Design and technology are combined to bring forth a degree of relaxation that no other can produce. The end result is a bathroom suite that is innovatively luxurious.

Toto's Neorest suite is almost a living part of the home. It recalls the temperature of water that is preferred by a user as well as the depth that is preferred for the bath. A user's approach is sensed and the suite begins to prepare itself accordingly.

Bring together human desire with need is a philosophy of the design. Pure innovations enhances the therapeutic benefits of the water. Toto thinks of this philosophy as a type of ergonomic technology. Each experience becomes more rewarding than the last. Toto thinks of this as a luxurious peak for all users.

Toto Neorest 600

Toto is the leading designer of innovative toilets in the world. Toto's Neorest 600 is a perfect example of this. This model is aware of the user taking their hygiene to a higher level like no other has done. Some feel as if toilet is a limited name for the product. It has a lid that automatically rises when it is approached. However, this is just part of its unique functioning.

Users can easily control Toto's Neorest 600 with a remote control that is sleek and wireless. Remote can be mounted on a wall of the bathroom. Neorest 600 delivers aerated water in a stream that is warm to cleanse more thoroughly than toilet paper. Water temperature, direct and pressure are controlled by the remote. Users can also select air drying and seat temperature with the remote. Other great comfort measures are featured as well.

Functioning and form are kept simple. There is not a tank on this model. This creates a look that is more contemporary and stylish. Inside there is a flushing system known as the Cyclone. It is a remarkable system for using and conserving water. Neorest elevates the experience to a new level for all users. Neorest is the world's most luxurious toilet.

Toto Neorest 600

Toto Aquia Universal Height Toilet

The new Aquia toilet by Toto is a great addition. It brings extreme comfort and flexible installation to this entire toilet line. This new toilet has universal height dimensions which make it the ideal selection for most all homes and commercial properties. This is especially true when variable sizes are needed to meet the needs of users. Aquia also has options for ten inch and twelve inch rough-ins. This important for flexible projects.

Maximum performance and water conservation are merged in the Dual Max Flushing System by Toto. Users can select the amount of water they wish to use with the integrated controller. Users choose from 0.9 GPF in liquid waste up to 1.6 GPF for solid waste. Averaging one heavy flush and two light flushes each day, the system used well below the standards with approximately 1.13 gallons being used per flush each day.

Toto Aquia

Toto High Efficiency Low-Lead Faucets

High Efficiency Faucets or HEFs by Toto offer reliability, style and conservation of water to the bathroom in any home. All Toto HEFs are made to meet the standards of the WaterSense program of the EPA. These products are certified by WaterSense. Toto additionally uses the aerator design to increase flow to between 1.5 GPM and the 2.2 GPM faucets.

Nexus Freestanding Cast-Iron Bathtubs

Our Nexus suite features the free standing bathtub made of cast iron by Toto. It is designed for comfort and performance. This tub's outside raises with flowing lines from the floor. It has an almost sculptured appearance. With gentle sloping on the inside, users can simply relax and find rejuvenation with each use. Its cast iron construction ensures a life a use that is worry free. This bathtub is ideal for many different styles of environments.

Using a tub that is free standing such as this one offers flexibility and convenience to the users. This tub is easily cleaned due to being accessed from any side. You do not have to install in a corner as well. This gives homeowners more possibilities in the layout of their bathroom.

Nexus Freestanding Cast-Iron Bathtubs

Toto High Efficiency Showerheads

Most people cherish their daily shower more than anything else in the hectic pace of today. This time is used to relax as well as rejuvenate and often as a means of waking oneself up for the day. Toto has designed high efficiency showers or HES that perform well while conserving 30% in water savings. With the various models of HES, you can add value and ultimate style to any bathroom in your home.

toto Showerheads

Why Choose Toto?

Toto is defined by its designs, value, ecology, innovation and quality. Each selection of products shows success in residential and commercial use. Some of the reasons that customers and consumers worldwide choose these products by Toto more over other brands are listed below as well as what influences Toto to continue to develop new innovative products.


Toto is a leader with the expertise and visions to bring designs that are well engineered, refined and delivered with technology that is innovative to enhance the daily lives of everyone.


Toto brings quality to its product that shows detailing attention and a continued improvement. They have ninety years of experience to fuel their design expertise. Their products are unmatched in reliability and performance.


Toto continues bringing value with its commitment to environmental responsibility. Toto delivers quality, products that are worry free and a performance that is unmatched. Their approach gives savings in money, preserves the ecology and satisfies customers with a peace of mind.


Toto offers toilets that save water, showers and faucets with a manufacturing procedure that uses recycling to decrease energy and landfill wastes. Ecology and efficiency surrounds the work and life of Toto.


Toto has principles in design that are holistic. Toto holds customer satisfaction as important as their design appeal. Performance, functionality and quality are always on the top of their goal list.

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