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At RyvyR, ideas stem from customer need. Our mission is deeply rooted in understanding it's customer. Innovative product; compelling design; quality workmanship; superior customer service; a fair price-these are basics every customer expects and RyvyR believe every customer deserves. But none of these components hold value unless customer need is fulfilled.

RyvyR creates a unique and interconnecting brand of bath products with a clear vision of market demand. Every one of RyvyR bath vanities, faucets, mirrors, and sinks not only reflects the integrity of RyvyR brand, but also satisfies that demand. Serving RyvyR customers' needs is what drives our business.

"Where Ideas Flow" is not a marketing slogan at RyvyR. It is the creed by which our team challenges themselves and each other to discover new ways to enhance RyvyR product line to better serve customers. RyvyR customers know what they want. RyvyR is listening.

The full line of RyvyR Furniture for the bathroom is designed with our fixtures and faucets in mind. Each and every distinguished style of Vanity, Cabinet and Mirror reflects the essence of it's coordinating Bath Fixtures, Faucets and Accessories. Every element of our furniture has been skillfully designed and crafted to create a timeless collection of unparalleled bathroom furniture.

Xylem Bambu
Xylem Blox Vanity
Xylem Carlton Vanity
Xylem Glenayre Vanity
Xylem Manor Vanity
Blox Vanity Carlton Vanity Glenayre Vanity Manor Vanity

RyvyR sinks come in a wide range of materials and sizes. Whether you choose RyvyR stone, glass, vitreous china or Reflex sinks we think that you will find a design and style that fits your requirements and that perfectly match your RyvyR bath furniture. If your needs are for undermount sinks, vessel style or semi-recessed, we have striking designs that are sure to please the most discerning customer.

Xylem Sinks

Always a perfect reflection of your good taste, RyvyR glass sinks offer the latest in tasteful designs. From RyvyR highest quality "Ultraglass" vessels to RyvyR standard glass sinks, you are sure to find a design and style that suite your individual taste. RyvyR flawless Ultraglass is available with hand carved designs or in plain glass while our standard offering is available in numerous tints and shapes.

Xylem Glass Vessel Sinks

RyvyR natural stone sinks are hand crafted to bring each individual piece of rock to life. With numerous shapes and sizes, our stone sink offering compliments many of our furniture pieces. Black granite, dark emporador and real Italian Carrera marble are used to fabricate fine stone pieces for enduring strength and timeless appeal.

Xylem Stone Vessel Sinks

In addition to RyvyR fine stone and glass, RyvyR have sinks crafted of vitreous china available. These sinks are designed and chosen for their clean lines and durability. RyvyR china sinks lend a understated elegance to your bathroom whether you style is traditional, transitional or modern.

Xylem Vitreous China Sinks

RyvyR most desired glass offering is RyvyR Reflex sinks. Made from glass with the addition of metallic foils and stone, Reflex shows off its brilliance under natural or man-made light. Sparkles of stone or three-dimensional rivers of color provide a visual impact unlike anything else.

Xylem Reflex Glass Vessel Sinks

Satisfy your designer's eye with the look of streamlined glass, traditional vitreous china or the enduring warmth of marble and granite with RyvyR vanity tops. No matter what your taste, our precision made tops are sure to provide functional beauty for your bathroom.

Xylem Vanity Tops
Xylem Integrated Stone Vanity Tops
Xylem Glass Vanity Tops
Xylem Glenayre Vanity
Xylem Manor Vanity
Integrated Stone
Vanity Tops
Glass Vanity Tops Stone Vessel Tops Reflex Vessel Tops

RyvyR have crafted a simple line of bath fittings to match some of RyvyR vessel sinks and vanities. These are built to the highest standards in the industry and are constructed of solid brass with ceramic cartridges. All of RyvyR fittings are agency listed and quality tested.

Small Cylinder Faucet
Dual Art Faucet
Pop-up Umbrella Drain
Grid Strainer Drain
Small Cylinder Faucet Dual Art Faucet Pop-up Umbrella Drain Grid Strainer Drain

The eco-renewable bamboo veneer is the starting point for this versatile and fresh design. Highlighted with natural bamboo accents, this vanity can be wall mounted or floor-standing using either of two floor stands that provide comfort heights for vessel applications or undermount lavatory installations. Turn your bathroom into your own distinctive oasis.

Xylem Bambu Collection

The unique modularity of the Blox range of products can give inspiration to the design of your bath. The Blox series delivers the perfect blend of practicality and functionality for the most discerning designers. Of course steel mounting frames are included for all load bearing components.

Xylem Blox Collection

From its chrome accents to its clean lines, the Manhattan exudes the modern aesthetic. Available in two sizes and two colors, the Manhattan is an expression of good design. It is complimented by matching mirrors with chrome accents as well and can be used with a variety of our RyvyR tops.

Xylem Manhattan Collection

Although nautically named and inspired, the Islander is at home in any casual setting. With its "adjust-a-height" legs this vanity can be used with undermount lavatories, vessels or semi-recessed applications. The Islander comes in 2 sizes and two distressed finishes and has matching mirrors and hutches. The hutches are perfect for wall mounted faucets and in those applications where wall accessed plumbing is not able to be performed.

Xylem Islander Collection

The Kent is striking with its solid Ash construction and typical Ash grain finish. The Kent is available in 2 sizes and 2 finishes and is complimented by a modular storage system that can be configured for almost any bath.

Xylem Kent Collection