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Kitchen Faucets

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Homeowners are asking more from the kitchen today than ever before. They want it to perform like a professional chef's kitchen, but with the relaxed vibe of a comfortable hangout. Components that combine professional functionality with inviting style go a long way in helping to achieve that balance.

Pullout - If you prefer a clean sink deck without a sidespray or additional accessories, a pull-down faucet may be the right solution. Pull-down faucets typically feature a generous spout height as well as multiple spray options – stream, spray and pause – for ease of use. Pullout Spray faucets offer the same functionality as pull-down faucets, pullout faucets generally have a larger section of the faucet that pulls away. If you like a larger grip area, a pullout faucet may be more comfortable for you to use.

Single-Handle- The volume and temperature are controlled by one lever, located either on the faucet or next to it, on single-handle faucets. If you prefer the simplicity of one control, check out our single-handle models, available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Two Handle - Many people prefer the familiarity and separate temperature controls of Two Handle faucets. We offer a wide range of Two Handle faucets with a variety of handle types, including lever, cross or wristblade, that are easy to operate.

Bar Faucets - The majority of faucet manufacturers offer bar faucets, often referred to as "prep faucets", to complement the main kitchen sink faucet. These additional faucets act as wonderful accessories in the kitchen, freeing up space when cooking or cleaning.

Pot Filler Faucets -Wonderfully convenient for the home cook, wall- or deck-mount pot fillers are installed next to or above a stovetop, giving you quick access to water without having to transfer pots back and forth to the sink.

Wall-Mount - If you like little to no clutter on your counters, a wall-mount faucet can help you achieve that clutter-free look. Several of our deck-mount faucets, in traditional and contemporary styles, are available as wall-mount faucets.

Bridge - A fresh interpretation of a classic faucet design, bridge faucets can be mounted on a sink deck or wall. Bridge faucets feature a Two Handle design with a generous swing spout and are available in traditional or contemporary styles.

Kitchen Faucet Accessories - We offer accessories in styles and finishes that complement our faucets and add to the functionality of your sink area. Soap/lotion dispensers, sidesprays, drains and strainers, as well as air gap and faucet hole covers are all available.

Choosing & Caring for Kitchen Faucets

Most homeowners don't have tons of money to spend, but want their kitchen to look its best. The perfect faucet can add a whole new look to your kitchen without breaking your budget, and because our buyers go the extra mile to bring you every imaginable kitchen faucet that is on the market - you can rest assured that you'll never find a bigger selection at such great prices. Whether you're looking for pullout, bar, pot filler, wall-mount, filter, or bridge faucets, you'll find an incredible selection by leading manufacturers including Moen, Kohler, Grohe, Danze and Pfister.

Choosing A Kitchen Faucet

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet - There are many styles of kitchen faucets to choose from designed to provide you with customized functionality for your particular needs or wants for your dream kitchen.

Best Kitchen Faucet Choices

Top Faucet Choices for Today's Kitchen - Confused about all the choices for kitchen faucets on the market today? Let us help you out! We've compiled a list of our favorite faucets so you can make and easy decision and buy something you'll love every time you use it.

Caring For Your Kitchen Faucet

How to Care for a Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet - You've made the investment in a good quality faucet. Read about these simple tips to keep you faucet looking and functioning great for many years to come.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Wall Mounted Faucets - A wall mounted kitchen faucet can definitely be the conversation piece at any gathering. These faucets are very pleasing to look at and they are super efficient and hard workers. Learn more about putting a wall mounted faucet in your kitchen.

Easy Faucet Installation Guide

Easy Faucet Installation Guide - You CAN Do-It-Yourself! What better way to take pride in your work and save some cash than to install that faucet yourself? Learn how to do it correctly with our easy faucet installation guide.

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