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Shower Fixtures

A shower receptor base is an important part of your shower, and choosing a top-quality shower receptor base is important for a long-lasting and maintenance free shower. At, we carry a good selection of shower receptors by Kohler, Florestone, and Americh - trusted brand names within the industry that are known for producing durable products that last for years.

You can find the shower receptor that you need in the most popular sizes when you shop with us at We stock 30 shower receptors as well as 36 and 48 models. Whether you're looking for a traditional square-shaped shower receptor, an angle shower receptor, or corner shower receptor, you will be delighted at the vast variety of available styles and finishes that are available on our site.

With years experience in the industry, we at work with the best manufacturers and leading producers of shower receptors, shower doors and shower panels to bring you the most amount of savings possible on your purchase. Our shower receptors are made of sturdy materials that are resistant to scratches, stains, and fungus - we hand select products that are renowned for their performance. Shop for substantial savings on everything for your bathroom, including shower receptors.
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