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Aqua-Pure AWS300M AWS Series Advance Water Softener System

Aqua-Pure AWS300M AWS Series Advance Water Softener System

AWS300M Aqua-Pure AWS Series Advance Water Softener System


Use For All Standard Residences


  • Hard Water


  • High-capacity, long life ion exchange resin
  • Electronic metered automatic control valve
  • Patented Cyclone distributor
  • Safety brine valve
  • Patented multi-level salt support shelf
  • Decorative insulation jacket
  • Patented mineral tank with Uniflex connections


  • Removes scale causing hardness minerals from water, optimizes water heater efficiency, and prevents loss of water pressure caused by scale in pipes
  • Fully automatic operation: monitors water used and regenerates only when necessary, minimizing energy use, water waste, and salt consumption
  • Scrubs ion exchange resin clean during backwash, maintaining maximum resin and system performance
  • Reduces worry of brine tank overflow
  • Allows use of any type of salt prevents salt "mushing" keeps dirt and debris away from brine
  • Thick insulation helps prevent messy condensation on tank
  • Guaranteed system design and long-term factory support and service
  • Allows tank to be easily removed from control valve for easy cleaning when needed
  • WQA certified in accordance with NSF/ANSI STD. 44
  • Meets California efficiency rating (4,000 grains/lb of salt)
  • Fully automatic, high efficiency design
  • Reduces scale, unsightly soap curd, spotted glasses, and rings on tubs and sinks
  • Made from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials

Electrical Requirements: 110/120V, 60Hz

Additional Shipping Charge - Due to size and weight, this item requires an added freight charge of $150.00.
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