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Steamist TSMC-9360 ChromaSense & AudioSense Combination

Steamist TSMC-9360 ChromaSense & AudioSense Combination

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TSMC-9360 Steamist ChromaSense & AudioSense Combination
A single control module can be connected to the TSC Digital Control providing the user with access to ChromaSense only, AudioSense only, or both ChromaSense and AudioSense options.
ChromaSense - enables the user to set a mood and/or take advantage of the proven benefits of chromatherapy. A single overhead fixture is provided, which can product "white light" as well as any of the six color effects:
  • Relax - Pink
  • Soulful - Blue
  • Harmony - Purple
  • Bliss - Green
  • Creative - Yellow
  • Energize - Red
Each of these colors are associated with a different state of mind.
AudioSense - an amplifier built into the control module allows the user to enjoy favorites in the steam shower from his or her iPod or any other audio source from (2) auxiliary inputs provided. The amplifier is wired to speakers (sold separately) and to a special wall-mount "cradle" for the iPod/device.
Included in Package:
  • TSC Digital Control Module
  • 3 5/8" Diameter light fixture
  • iPod/Device cradle w/ 25' cable
  • 25' Control Cable
  • 25' Light Fixture Control Cable
  • Silicone Sealant

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