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Saniflo 020 SANICOMPACT COMFORT Self Contained Dual Flush Wallhung Toilet - White

Saniflo 020 SANICOMPACT COMFORT Self Contained Dual Flush Wallhung Toilet - White
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Model: SANFSF020

UPC: 859925002206

Finish: White
020 Saniflo SANICOMPACT COMFORT Self Contained Dual Flush Wallhung Toilet - White

The SANICOMPACT COMFORT is a self-contained dual-flush toilet system is used to install a half-bathroom up to 9 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack. It incorporates a macerating system which can handle human waste and toilet paper in residential applications. The blade is made out of a hardened stainless steel material which eliminates the need for any service or replacement.

This wall-hung toilet has a built-in macerator, and a sleek design. The economical and ecological dual flush system, this is a truly modern toilet that will integrate into any bathroom décor. SANICOMPACT COMFORT also comes with a detachable soft closing seat.

The Sanicompact Comfort is a combination of a vitreous china toilet bowl and macerator/pump built into one compact unit. The Sanicompact Comfort needs no gravity flow tank as the flushing action and macerating pump cycle is automatic after pressing a push button on top of the bowl. The flushing mechanism is electrically timed to allow water to pass through the toilet.

By pressing the push button, this activates a timer and a solenoid valve in order to fill and wash the sides of the bowl. The motor starts and the waste and paper are sucked inside, where it is macerated and pumped away. The motor stops after approximately 10-15 seconds and the timer programs the refill of the bowl with fresh water.

The standard dual flush version uses 1.28 gpf (4.8 lpf) and 1 gpf (3.8 lpf). To choose either option, the unit is provided with a dual push button. This option allows using less water than any regular toilet but with the same efficiency.

  • Dimensions l x w x h (in) : 16 1/2" x 20 1/4" x 17" > 21 5/8"
  • Weight : 72 lbs.
  • Number of available inlets : 3
  • Power supply : 120 V - 60 Hz
  • Noise level (measured at 3 ft.) : 51 dB(A) ≤ 53 dBA
  • Horizontal discharge : 120 ft
  • Vertical discharge : 9 ft
  • Amperage (Amps) : 6,8 A
  • Operating maximum temperature : 95°F (110°F Max)
  • Discharge pipe diameter : 1"
  • Tank volume : 0.13 gallon
  • Method of activation : Pressure switch/circuit board
  • Discharge rate at 9 ft : 13 gal/min (49 liters/min)
  • Motor Speed (RPM) : 3600
  • Motor : 0.5 HP oil-filled thermally protected motor
  • Capacitor rating (microfarad) : 2 x 45 microfarad
  • Power cord length (in) : 59 in
  • Normal running time : 24 sec (18 sec ECO mode)
  • Certifying agencies : CSA (IPC, NSPC)
  • Water consumption : 1 gallon or 1.28 gallons

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