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Water Pressure Booster Pumps

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Choosing a Pressure Booster Pump

A pressure booster pump can be used to greatly increase the water pressure in your home. If you have a problem with extremely low water pressure entering your house from a city supply or even a country well, installing a pressure booster pump could be an inexpensive solution to increase your home's water pressure enough to support your needs.

Reasons for low water pressure entering your home include:

  • Homes at the end of a water supply line: In large communities, the homes that are located near the end of the water supply line will experience a lower water pressure entering the home then the houses at the beginning of the line.
  • Buildings that are located high above the water supply line: Homes that are located uphill from the water pumping station will receive a lower water pressure, sometimes even less than 30 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Tall residential buildings require additional water pressure to serve the upper floors: For a tall home, which is connected to a community water supply and has an incoming water pressure of only 30 psi, the top floor may only see 17 psi unless a booster pump and pressure tank are installed. This is why very tall buildings, such as skyscrapers and multi-story apartment buildings are more likely to install a rooftop water supply tank which is fed by a pump from street level but which in turn provides water down through the building by gravity.
  • Problems with the water pipe that connects the city water main to the house: Even if a city's water system offers adequate pressure, there could still be a problem with the pipe that brings the water into the home. The pipe could be undersized, damaged or even leaking. Even pipes with a diameter of 1/2-inch can result in a considerable drop in pressure, especially with more than one fixture in use.
  • Adding additional plumbing demands, as in the case of an additional bathroom, without enlarging or adding pipes to accommodate will often lead to problems with water pressure. A crimped, damaged or clogged pipe can compound the problem.

How a booster pump works

The incoming water supply line, which is usually fed through a pressure regulator, is first connected to a booster pump. When the water pressure drops, the pump draws more water from the supply line.

A typical home only requires one water pressure pump because the water is already being supplied to the home, and not being pumped from the ground, so there is only a need to increase the water pressure.

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